Construction jobs in France: Company is hiring several workers

Construction jobs in France

Urgent Evolution Lda, a relatively young company established in August 2021, currently has available construction jobs in France, the company operates in the temporary staffing sector, specifically focusing on construction work. Their headquarters are situated in Odemira, Portugal. While their social media presence and online reviews are limited, they boast a perfect 5-star rating on Google based on two reviews.

Urgent Evolution Lda offers a unique opportunity for construction workers in France. They cater to individuals who are physically fit, multilingual (English and Portuguese or French), and possess a valid Visa, EU nationality, or a TRC card. While prior construction experience is a plus, they seem open to enthusiastic individuals eager to learn and contribute.

The company positions itself as an attractive employer by providing a comprehensive benefits package for its temporary staff. This includes paid accommodation in France, ensuring comfortable living arrangements for workers, and a weekly charged food card to address their grocery needs. The mobile nature of the role allows construction professionals to gain experience on various projects throughout France.

Overall, Urgent Evolution Lda appears to be a promising company in the temporary staffing sector, particularly for construction workers seeking opportunities in France. With its focus on providing comfortable living arrangements, addressing food needs, and offering diverse project exposure, they aim to create a positive work experience for their temporary workforce.

Construction jobs in France: Company Urgent Evolution Lda is hiring several workers

Calling All Construction Workers in France: Construction jobs in France Opportunities Await at Urgent Evolution Lda!

Are you a physically fit individual with a strong work ethic? Do you possess fluency in both English and Portuguese (or French) and are eager to contribute your skills to exciting construction projects in France? Urgent Evolution Lda is seeking highly motivated construction workers to join our dynamic team!

This construction jobs in France is a fantastic opportunity for individuals who thrive in a fast-paced environment and enjoy the challenge of bringing construction plans to life. Previous construction experience is a plus, but we are also open to enthusiastic individuals who are eager to learn and grow in the field.

As a valued member of the Urgent Evolution Lda team, you will benefit from a comprehensive package that includes:

  • Paid Accommodation: We understand the importance of comfortable living quarters, and we will provide you with convenient and comfortable housing arrangements in France.
  • Weekly Charged Food Card: Focus on your work and well-being – we’ll take care of your grocery needs with a weekly food card that allows you to purchase nutritious meals.
  • Mobility: This is a mobile position, offering the exciting opportunity to work on various construction projects throughout France.

To be considered for this construction jobs in France rewarding positions, please submit your application by email to We encourage you to include a recent photo that showcases your professionalism.

Don’t miss out on this chance to embark on a rewarding construction career in beautiful France! Join Urgent Evolution Lda today and become part of a team that is building the future!

Please note: This construction jobs in France position requires a valid Visa, EU nationality, or a TRC card.

Considerations for International Workers:

  • Visa Requirements: Research the specific visa requirements for working in construction in France. This might involve obtaining a work permit and potentially having your qualifications recognized by French authorities.
  • Apprenticeship Programs: France has a strong tradition of apprenticeship programs in construction trades. Exploring these opportunities can be a great way to gain valuable experience and qualifications.

The Future of French Construction:

The French government prioritizes sustainable building practices. Specializing in areas like green building technologies or energy-efficient construction can position you well for future opportunities.

By understanding the current trends, actively searching for positions, and demonstrating your skills and commitment, you can be part of the exciting growth in France’s construction industry.

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