IT jobs Belgium: Prestige Recruitment is hiring French-Speaking IT Support Technician

IT jobs Belgium

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IT jobs Belgium: French-Speaking Full-Time IT Support Technician (40 Hours per Week)

We are looking for a skilled IT Support professional who is fluent in French to join our team. The ideal candidate will provide technical assistance and support to our staff, ensuring smooth IT operations within the organization.


IT jobs Belgium – IMAC Commands and On-Site/Remote Support:

  • Hardware Installation: Set up and install hardware such as PO/PC, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Hardware Upgrades: Perform necessary upgrades to hardware to improve performance and efficiency.
  • Desktop/Laptop Changes: Manage the process of changing out desktops and laptops for staff.
  • Machine Migration: Oversee the migration of data and settings from old machines to new ones.
  • Troubleshoot Software Incidents: Resolve software issues either over the phone or on-site, focusing on user configurations.
  • Analysis and Escalation of Hardware Problems: Analyze hardware issues and escalate them as needed to ensure prompt resolution.
  • Installation and Configuration: Install and configure new machines (PC/PO) and standard software packages according to procedures or using SCCM.
  • Processing of IMAC Requests: Handle Install, Move, Add, and Change (IMAC) requests efficiently.
  • Smartphone and Tablet Support: Configure and provide support for Android and iOS devices, including MDM enrollment.

Technical Skills:

  • Ticketing Tools: Knowledge of ticketing systems, with SAP PM being a plus.
  • Cloud Solutions: Familiarity with cloud solutions such as OneDrive for Business.

Qualifications for these IT jobs Belgium:

  • Experience: At least 1-2 years of proven experience in IT support or a related field.
  • Networking Knowledge: Strong understanding of TCP/IP protocols and LAN networks.
  • Software Troubleshooting: Proficiency in diagnosing and resolving software issues.
  • IT Support Tools: Familiarity with various IT support tools and techniques.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Excellent problem-solving abilities.
  • Teamwork and Independence: Ability to work both independently and collaboratively within a team.

IT jobs Belgium Additional Information:

  • Contract Details: This is a 1-year contract with the possibility of renewal. The role offers great pay and the opportunity to work with amazing people.
  • Job Types: Full-time, Contract.
  • Contract Length: 12 months.
  • Salary: £27,000.00 – £33,000.00 per year (paid in Euros).
  • Work Location: On-site in Liège, Belgium.
  • Application Contact: Please send your application to

If you are a dedicated IT professional passionate about resolving technical issues and ensuring efficient IT operations, we invite you to apply for this exciting IT jobs Belgium opportunity.

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