Kitchen jobs Germany – Available 14 vacancies for kitchen helpers

Kitchen jobs

With currently several available kitchen jobs Germany and established with a visionary outlook in 2015, the PrabeshGroup has rapidly evolved into a multi-faceted and influential conglomerate, leaving an indelible mark on diverse industries. This dynamic entity operates across a spectrum of sectors, including [mention key industries, e.g., technology, real estate, healthcare, finance], displaying an exceptional prowess in each domain.

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Kitchen jobs Germany – Available 14 vacancies – Kitchen Helper

Job Location: Germany
vacancies: 14 M/F
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: €9.50 hourly
Shift: DayMorning
Start Date: as soon as possible
Period Of Employment: 1 Year
Job requirements

Secondary (high) school graduation certificate

1 to less than 7 months

Personal Suitability
Team player

Kitchen Helpers Skills
Wash, peel and cut vegetables and fruit; Sharpen kitchen knives; Remove kitchen garbage and trash; Clean and sanitize kitchen including work surfaces, cupboards, storage areas, appliances and equipment; Receive, unpack and store supplies in refrigerators, freezers, cupboards and other storage areas; Sweep, mop, wash and polish floors

Intrinsic to PrabeshGroup’s accomplishments is its core values framework, underpinned by integrity, collaboration, and innovation. These values serve as the driving force behind every endeavor, fostering a culture of teamwork and continuous improvement across its diversified subsidiaries.

PrabeshGroup’s journey is characterized by strategic acquisitions that have bolstered its presence and expanded its influence. By forging strategic partnerships and leveraging synergies, the group has solidified its position as a global player, poised for sustained growth and impact.

Looking ahead and to fulfill this kitchen jobs Germany, PrabeshGroup remains committed to its pursuit of excellence and its mission to shape industries and societies positively. With an eye on the future, the group is actively exploring new frontiers, venturing into untapped markets, and pioneering disruptive solutions.

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