Work and travel Europe: Worldpackers company has 1458 opportunities in several countries

Work and travel Europe

Worldpackers is a community based on collaboration and honest relationships that make travel more accessible to those seeking a profound cultural experience. Through an online platform, we connect travelers – looking to exchange their skills for accommodation – with incredible hosts from all around the world.

Worldpackers was born through the life experiences of two friends, Riq Lima and Eric Faria. Riq, is an economist who left his job as an investment banker to travel the world for 4 years with little money, but a creative mind.

Eric, a certified accountant, initially travelled to the USA to learn English, but ended up staying for nearly four years. His first two years were spent helping out at USA Hostels in San Diego, as a receptionist, a housekeeper and a tourist guide by exchanging his skills for accommodation.

He then helped to found International Travellers House, a hostel chain located in California and whose staff was made up entirely of volunteers. Worldpackers is a platform for travelers and hosts, made by those who live and love travel!

Our purpose is to democratize meaningful travel experiences through a collaborative mindset.

Our Values


Everyone is responsible for the world’s development as a whole. We are interdependents!


Life is made of meaningful experiences. Everyone can offer you something special anywhere in the world.


The quest for knowledge is the most important thing you can carry, acquire and offer on your journey.


Respect the world as our home and treat everyone as equals.

Work and travel Europe: Worldpackers company has 1458 opportunities

Get to know what work and travel Europe opportunities are available.

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